What color blindness see the world

1. travel together, friends point to the tree and shout: look, there are a lot of red fruit.
I don’t see, I don’t see the red fruit in the green leaves.

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color blindness see the apple

2.After her daughter was born, I was very excited, she pulled the first bubble excrement is in the diapers inside, I holding a bubble excrement rushed to the infirmary Shouting: the doctor quickly see, why excrement is red is not bleeding, how to do?

The doctor took a look at excrement, and the strange look at me, said: this is not green?

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color blind cant see red and green

3.A long time ago, the traffic light, the green light is dark green, I can’t tell the traffic light. Later, the considerate traffic control department changed to light green, which was great news for me, because I now distinguish between red and white lights with color correction glasses.

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If you have to ask me how I distinguish them before, I will tell you a secret: red, yellow and green lights, if they are arranged from top to bottom, then the top is red and the bottom is green. If the red, yellow and green lights are left and right, the lights near the freeway are red and those near the sidewalk are green. This rule also applies today.

4.The yellow and green lights are left and right, so close to the fast lane. Not easy to be seduced by the woman’s appearance, can not see what hair color, eye shadow, blush, lipstick color number, thrush what, no feeling. Only body language, perfume, eye contact. To prove that I’m not “lascivious” is red, and the sidewalk is green. This rule also applies today.

5.I pay $300 for the TV and can’t see any difference from the 1000 + Sony. I don’t know what “saturation” is. You can save money by your color blind gifts